About Sawadee Group


A top rated hospitality specialist in the Johor area, Sawadee Group makes a mark when it comes to guest happiness. We cater to guests with our upscale resorts and spas and the impeccable guest experience that speaks volumes.

Set in pristine and convenient destinations, our group has a wide array that comprises of 3 hotels and 5 spas. With this network of best in class resorts and hotels, we offer convenience, the right dash of luxury, yet affordable to the varied guests.

Noted for the varieties in taste at various eat outs, the ambience and the comfort it offers for travelers of any nature, the experience is vivid. We choose the amenities and facilities that delight every guest and we get thrilled in the positive vibe that sparks in everyone’s lives.

Our spas give an unforgettable experience for the guests to relax and unwind and the hotels, a comfortable accommodation. With carefully curated elements and additional care to every guest and an engaging guest service all time around, Sawadee Group has a unique tale of it’s own.

Brands under Sawadee Group includes:


Thai massage, reflexology and spa services for the masses.


Boutique hotel rooms, quality massage, reflexology, spa services and luxurious services


Premium massage, aromatherapy and reflexology services for the exclusive.